Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tasha's Secret Paws!

It's Tasha here, on Tabby Tuesday. Up until last Saturday, it was really hot here, and we were feeling like a bit like our mate Pablo in Hobart. I'm a little bit floofy, so I like it when it's not so hot, say 23 degrees Celsius (Gypsy just doesn't like the heat 'cos he's sooo much older that me...heh, heh). The last three days have finally been back to normal, but it's about to warm up again, so I'm using a quick burst of energy to post while I still can.

Now I've got to tell everyone about my lovely Secret Paws present. My package arrived about a week before Christmas. It was from Ebony, Dusk, Dawn, Beltaine, Eclipse, Corona, Thor, Morrey, Tabitha, Queenie and Friskie, the Tyson Crew, over in the USA.

It's the first time ever that I've got mail from OVERSEAS - I was so excited, I kept sniffing the box and hanging around it, hinting to Mum that it's be a really good idea to open it SOON. She didn't really need to eat first. Finally, Mum relented and we opened the package.

There was a really nice card and some lovely presents inside from the Tyson Crew - here's a picture of the front of the card, with a big stocking full of lots of mousies, and balls, and a feather wand, and a cute paw-shaped notepad for Mum:

There used to a can of stinky goodness as well, but someone at Customs took it out - there must have been a hungry kitty there who needed it more than me. Mum got me some of my favourite Turkey stinky goodness, so I didn't miss out at all!

Here's the inside of the card, with a lovely message and a beautiful poem from all of the Tyson kitties:
Mum helped me to open the stocking, and I couldn't believe all the mousies and balls and everything!
Gypsy came over to investigate. I told him that we could share 'cos there was plenty for both of us: Thank you very much Tyson Crew for a wonderful Secret Paws! I don't know if they've got a blog to say thanks, but if they do and someone knows the address, please leave it in the comments section. I'd really love it if the Tyson Crew themselves could contact me.

Ain't life grand!


Tybalt said...

What a wonderful secret paws! It looks like a lot of fun, and you were a good sister to share with Gypsy.

LZ said...

Oh fun!!! I've never had stuff caught in customs before, you must have had a diligent agent. What great toys, looks like you had a great time.


Mickey's Musings said...

WOW!! look at all the stuff!!!!!!
I'm glad your Mom replaced the stinky goodness,heehee. I think you will be playing for quite a while !
Purrs Mickey

Samantha & Mom said...

Oh Tasha, that is a wonderful secret paws! And we love the green colors! And that is so sweet of you to share.
Your FL furiends,

I got your Secret Paw package Tasha. Mom has been real busy so we are going to open it tonight and post the pictures by Friday. I'll let you know when. I keep meowing for her to hurry up, but....

Artsy Catsy said...

Bad Customs, bad bad!! But it looks like a terrific Secret Paws even without the stinky goodness!

& the cat staff

Gemini and Ichiro said...

How exciting that you got your secret paws from so far away! You are a very lucky cat!

Anonymous said...

What a great Secert Paw!

Parker said...

That looks like a wonderful SP package! I bet you are really enjoying those toys!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tasha! Momma just now found your bloggie so she could say you're very welcome for your Secret Paw gifties. In addition to two little cans of stinky goodness, there were a couple of bags of Temptations - don't know how hungry the customs kitties were! Our post office said those things were okay...Glad you enjoyed the rest of your package! The Tyson Crew (PS we don't have a bloggie and we forgot to send you our e-mail address!)

Anonymous said...

Tasha, you got a lot of nice Secret Paws stuff! We hope you're enjoying them all!

Maggie tagged you for the 7 Weird Things meme cuz she didn't think you've done it yet. (^_^)

Nermal, Nico, Virgil, & Maggie

Anonymous said...


We Australian cats are DOOMED to never taste Tempatations.


Blinking Customs.