Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Award on Saturday

It's Tasha here, and I'm just so excited today. We've won an award!!!! I can't believe it, I just can't believe it...::spins around and dances happy dance::...Did you hear Gypsy, we won an award!...::does back somersault and collapses exhausted::

Alright, alright, have a little nap Tasha. It's Gypsy here - time for a bit of decorum - Tasha is a bit overexcited so I'll finish this post.
TT very kindly gave us the So Special Award:That was very generous of TT and her family. We like reading about their adventures, and especially like the way that their beans are giving Fatty, an outside kitty, lots of time to get to know and trust them.
We'd now like to pass this award onto the following worthy winners:
  • Diamond, a mature Russian Blue cat living in Adelaide, South Australia.
  • Java, a fairly recently rescued snowshoe Siamese cat who blogs about his adventures.
  • Mozart and Gonzo - Mozart is a brave ginger cat living with cardiomyopathy, and Gonzo is his recently adopted little brother.
Now I'll wake Tasha up and we'll go and tell the new award winners the good news.
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Anonymous said...

Conratulations Tasha & Gypsy on receiving an award.

Kitikata-san said...

Tasha, are you an orange girl kitty like me? I haven't met an orange girl kitty like me before! All the other ones are boys. I think you are just too cute for words! Meow!
Your twin,
ps congrats on such a nice award!

Sasha said...

Thank you for the lovely award. I am so excited at receiving it. Lynettea doesn't want me to get too excited at once. To go from no awards to a whole lot of awards at once might be too stressful for me she thinks. I say, 'bring them on!'

Kitikata-san said...

Tasha, are you new to your home with mancat Gypsy? I am so happy you are home! Hmmm, I think I need to add you to my blogroll too. You may be a litttle lighter in color than me, but sometimes I look yellowish, and sometimes I look orangeish. I really think you are the "cat's meow!" So cute, I just want to purr and headbutt!